Botanize Big, part 2

How About a Hike?

Or a class? Or go to a chapter program? There’s plenty going on. Check out the field trips, programs, and other activities for plant lovers statewide.

Here are a few activities I’m hoping to attend:

Tweedy’s lewisia (Lewisiopsis tweedyi)
Photo: Ben Legler

Revising the ‘Flora of the Pacific Northwest’-What did we Learn and What’s Next”
by David Giblin, at the Mountaineers in Seattle. This is the Central Puget Sound Chapter’s monthly program on June 1, 2017. Click for more info.

I’m going to miss the Study Weekend (and it’s waiting list only at this point), but I might be able to catch part of Botany Washington this year (June 9-11).

And I wonder if I could make it to the Koma Kulshan Chapter’s hike on the 2-3 miles of the lower elevation parts of Hannegan Pass Trail on June 24th?  Hmm…

Spring Renewal

As Denise Mahnke wrote recently, “The time is now for fresh, green, spring renewal and to renew your membership and participation with the Washington Native Plant Society.  All around the state, the spring bloom is in progress. In places like the prairies of the South Sound and the hills of Central Washington, the camas (Camassia quamash) is sprouting stalks and ready to flower. Have a floriferous spring!”

evening light on green prairie mounds

Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve, May 3, 2017
Photo: Sarah Gage


While we’re on the topic of camas, I visited the Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve south of Olympia last week.

The view was lovely in the strong light of the setting sun, and the camas bloom was just starting. I imagine they will be at their peak just in time for Prairie Appreciation Day on May 13th.

Speaking of Appreciation…

Governor Jay Inslee holding up the 2017 Native Plant Appreciation Week poster

Governor Jay Inslee, Native Plant Appreciation Week, 2017
Photo: Washington Native Plant Society

Many thanks to Governor Jay Inslee for proclaiming the last week of April as Native Plant Appreciation Week.

I spent most of that week inside at a conference in Wenatchee—but I did get in a short walk at the Jacobson Preserve in the Wenatchee Foothills. Balsamroot (Balsamorhiza sagittata) and phlox (Phlox longiflora) were plentiful, and lovely.

Darn, I see there’s no WNPS plant list for the Jacobson Preserve. We’ll have to work on that!