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Central Puget Sound Chapter

   Chapter Information         

to the Central Puget Sound Chapter (CPS) of the Washington Native Plant Society! 
We serve King County and the southern half of Snohomish County, encompassing native forests, alpine areas, wetlands, coastal areas, streams and a booming population.  For numerous ways to discover and protect native plants and their habitats close to home, see below.
Whether your interest is in learning all you can about native plants and botany, taking care of native plant habitats at home and beyond, or meeting others who are equally passionate about native plants, the CPS chapter has many ways for you to meet your goals.  Please explore our website, and do not hesitate to contact any of our board members if you would like to jump in or have questions.


Please attend the June 1st meeting so we'll have a
quorum for our Board Election!

Slate of Officers July 1, 2017–June 30, 2018: 

The CPS Board approved the Slate of Officers for member election.  They include:
Chapter Chair:  Chrys Bertolotto
Vice Chair:  Vacant
Treasurer:  Kris Morse
Secretary:  Sharon Baker

The election will take place prior to David Giblin’s presentation on June 1 at the
Mountaineers.  If you are interested in a vacant board position, such as the
Vice Chair, please contact me for more information:

Chrys Sacco Bertolotto: Sitka.periwinkle@gmail.com or 206 588-1247.


Thursday, June 1

Program: Revising the
"Flora of the Pacific Northwest"

What Did We Learn and What’s Next

By David Giblin

The “Flora of the Pacific Northwest” is the authoritative field identification manual for the region’s vascular plants. First published in 1973, under the leadership of C. Leo Hitchcock and Arthur Cronquist, this widely-used resource has become out of date due to the discovery of new species, the arrival of new weeds, and advances over the past 40 years in the classification and taxonomy of vascular plants in general.

At the time of its publication, users of the Flora could arrive at a currently accepted name for nearly all taxa with in the region, using the keys provided. Now users of the 1973 Flora can achieve similar results for only 47% of the region’s taxa.  The revised "Flora" is due for publication in winter/spring 2018.  David will walk us through the important findings of the project as well as what is on the horizon for the Herbarium as this project draws to a close.

David Giblin manages the University of Washington Herbarium, which is the botanical research collection of the Burke Museum. He earned his Ph.D. in Biology at the University of Missouri and also holds an M.S. in Forest Science from the University of Washington. His research focuses on the floristics of PNW vascular plants. In addition to studying the vascular plant flora of the Pacific Northwest, he is an editor for the Flora of North America project, interim Editor for Douglasia, oversees the Plants of Washington Image Gallery, and collaborates on the producing wildflower identification apps and field guides.

7:30 pm
The Mountaineers Cascade Room, 7700 Sand Point Way NE

Native Plant Identification Workshop
By Nelson Salisbury, Chapter Botanist
A free plant identification workshop is offered before each Westside Chapter meeting at 6:00 PM.  While the workshop is oriented primarily toward beginners, anyone who wants to work on improving keying skills or their familiarity with the northwest flora is welcome.  Feel free to bring samples of unknown plants in for identification.  We will have plenty of material and tools if you come empty-handed.                                            


We have a new field trip committee,
eager to plan and lead you hither and yon.

But we need to know where you want to go!
Please help us by taking this SHORT (6-question) survey.
Click this link to take the FIELD TRIP SURVEY today!


Native Plant Press


"Native Plant Press" Summer 2017 (Mobile version)

"Native Plant Press" Summer 2017 (Print version)


NEW! Volunteer Opportunities Newsletter
Look inside for lots of ways to meet other members,
work with plants or the public, and have fun! Click the link below:

Summer 2017 Volunteer opportunities

  See all upcoming programs and complete information on our new program page.


Central Puget Sound Chapter ~ Calendar of Events

May 2017
       26 Eastside Work Party at Bellevue Botanical Garden 10 am to 12 pm.
           To RSVP, contact Janka Hobbs at urtica@frontier.com.
June 2017
1 David Giblin speaking on the Hitchcock revision.
          Mountaineers Program Center, Cascade  Room
       5 Nursery work party. Contact George Macomber for details: Georgems@98115.net
       5 Marcia Rivers Smith, "Gardening with Native Plants," Sammamish Library
10 Bellevue Botanical Garden 25th Anniversary Celebration
       13 Nancy Kartes, Manager, "Bellevue Botanical Garden Present and Future" and
           give a tour of the Urban Meadow Project.
       19 CPS Board Meeting, Magnuson Park office


Seeking Native Plants -What to do with your surplus native flora?  Donate of Course!


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