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Home > Landscaping > Native Plants for Western Washington Gardens and Restoration Projects

Index of Common Names

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Vanilla Leaf
Achlys triphylla
Grows low to the ground, spreading by rhizomes to form dense ground cover in shady areas.
Height: To 12 inches (30 cm) tall.
Leaves deciduous.
Vine Maple
Acer circinatum
Tall, erect, multi-trunked shrub or small tree with sprawling branches.
Height: 13-26 feet (4-8 meters)
Leaves deciduous.
Wapato, Arrowhead
Sagittaria latifolia
Tall semi-aquatic perennial of marshes or lake margins, with large arrowhead shaped leaves and small white flowers.
Height: 3 feet (90 cm).
Leaves deciduous.
Sium suave
Leaves deciduous.
Watson's Willowherb
Epilobium watsonii
Erect herbaceous perennial with opposite leaves.
Height: Up to 5 feet (150 cm).
Leaves evergreen.
Western Buttercup
Ranunculus occidentalis
Slender perennial herb with fibrous roots and yellow flowers.
Height: Up to 2 feet (60 cm).
Leaves deciduous.
Western Flowering Dogwood
Cornus nuttallii
Multi-branched, irregular trees with attractive large white "flowers".
Height: Up to 65 feet (20 meters) tall.
Leaves deciduous.
Western hemlock
Tsuga heterophylla
Leaves evergreen.
Western Larch
Larix occidentalis
Leaves deciduous.
Western Red Cedar
Thuja plicata
Large conifer with branches that droop and then turn back up (J-shaped), broad crowns.
Height: 100-230 feet (30-70 meters).
Leaves evergreen.
Western Trillium
Trillium ovatum
Short stout stems topped with a whorl of three leaves and a single large white flower.
Height: 12-18 inches (30-45 cm).
Leaves deciduous.
Western Yew
Taxus brevifolia
Low-growing conifer with deep red-brown bark, flattened sprays of needles, and red berry-like cones.
Leaves evergreen.
White Fawn Lily
Erythronium oregonum
Showy white lily from segmented corm.
Height: Flower stem up to 1 feet (30 cm) tall.
Leaves deciduous.
White Rein-Orchid, Bog Candle
Platanthera dilatata
Perennial orchid with spikes of white flowers from tuber-like roots.
Height: Up to 28 inches (70 cm).
Leaves deciduous.
Wild Ginger
Asarum caudatum
Low-growing evergreen perennial that smells strongly of lemon-ginger when crushed.
Height: Can grow up to 8 inches (20 cm) tall.
Leaves deciduous.
Wild strawberry
Fragaria virginiana
Low growing wild strawberry with runners, white flowers, and small red strawberries.
Height: Up to 10 inches (25 cm).
Leaves deciduous.
Wood Sorrel
Oxalis oregana
A delicate herb with clover-like leaves and white to pink flowers, forming carpets in forested areas.
Leaves deciduous.
Woodland Penstemon
Nothochelone nemorosa
Leaves deciduous.
Woodland strawberry
Fragaria vesca
A wild strawberry with thin leaves, low, short runners, white flowers, and small red strawberries.
Height: Up to 10 inches (25 cm).
Leaves deciduous.
Woolly Sunflower
Eriophyllum lanatum
Wooly leafy perennial with yellow daisy-like flowers.
Height: Up to 2 feet (60 cm).
Leaves deciduous.
Achillea millefolium
Aromatic herb with delicate fern-like leaves and flat-topped clusters of white flowers.
Height: 4 inches to 3 feet (10-100 cm).
Leaves deciduous.
yellow marsh marigold
Caltha palustris
Large yellow flowers top this creeping, perennial, semi-aquatic herb.
Height: Up to 16 inches (40 cm).
Leaves deciduous.
Yellow Monkey-flower
Mimulus guttatus
Large yellow tubular flowers top this deciduous-leaved wetland perennial.
Leaves deciduous.
Yellow Pond-Lily
Nuphar luteum ssp. polysepalum
An aquatic water lily with large, round, floating leaves and fleshy, yellow flowers held at the water surface.
Leaves deciduous.
Yellow Wood Violet
Viola glabella
An attractive yellow-flowered violet of moist open woodlands.
Leaves deciduous.

The landscaping and restoration information provided on this page is taken from the Starflower Foundation Image Herbarium. All photographs © Starflower Foundation unless otherwise noted.