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Western Dogwood (Cornus nutallii) photographed by James Ellingboe.

Western Dogwood (Cornus nutallii) photographed by James Ellingboe. Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

Additional Information

Educational Brochures (PDF)

Create a Forest Sanctuary   Native Plants -- Naturals in the Perennial Garden
Create a Forest Sanctuary   Native Trees of Lowland Western Washington
Native Plants of Eastern WA   Water-wise Gardening with Native Plants
Native Plants for PNW Gardens    

Native Plant Spotlights (PDF)

Blue-Eyed Grass   Pacific Bleeding Heart
Checker Lily   Pacific Rhododendron
Common Camas   Penstemons
Deer Fern   Piggyback Plant
False Solomon's Seal   Red-Flowering Currant
Hoary Aster   Red-Osier Dogwood
Hooker's Fairy Bells   Serviceberry
Kinnikinnick   Snow Buckwheat
Low Oregon Grape   Snowberry
Maidenhair Fern   Sword Fern
Mock Orange   Tall Oregon Grape
Mountain Hemlock   Twinberry
Munro's Globemallow   Vanilla Leaf
Ninebark   Vine Maple
Orange Trumpet Honeysuckle   Wild Ginger

Gardening Information from King County, Washington

Northwest Native Plant Landscape Guide - King County   Live Stakes for Restoration Plantings
Pacific Northwest Resources   Natural Yard Talk
Native Plant Salvage Program    

Create Habitat with Native Plants

Audubon At Home   Native Plants for Wildlife (PDF)
Pacific Northwest Plants and Birds that Use Them    

Native Plants for Aquatic Gardens and Aquariums

Native Plants for Aquatic Gardens and Aquariums Aquatic Plants and Lakes Issues

Rain Garden Plants

Native Plants for Rain Gardens    

Plants for Shorelines

Freshwater Shoreline Plants   Estuaries and Tidal Areas

Shoreline Management, Slope Stabilization, Property Management

Greenbelt Consulting   Shoreline Management and Landscaping: Educational Resources for Landowners (PDF)
Slope Stabilization and Erosion Control -- WA State Department of Ecology

Identify, Propagate, and Landscape with Native Plants

WSU Cooperative Extension   Illustrated Tutorial to Sowing Native Plant Seeds (PDF) by Alan Yen
Native Plant Propagation Protocol Database   Native Bulb Information and Culture (PDF)
Selected List of NW Native Plants for Western Washington Gardens (PDF)   Landscape Professionals Who Specialize in Native Plants (PDF)
Native Plant Garden Gallery    

Invasive Plants

Garden Wise Non-Invasive Plants for Your Garden (western Washington)   Garden Wise Non-Invasive Plants for Your Garden (eastern Washington)



Updated: August 13, 2016
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