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2000 and 2001 Native Plant Steward Projects, A-C

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African American Academy Wetlands Education and Art Project
2000 Steward and Contact: Leslie Chaison
Project Location: South Seattle

The native plant steward worked with ArtWorks, an organization that employs urban youth to paint murals for city businesses and public areas, and Seattle's African American Academy on a project combining wetlands education and art at the school. The project included a small wetlands restoration on-site, in-class wetlands education for the students, and production of murals featuring wetland plants and animals. The native plant steward was involved in all aspects of this project.

Students proud of their mural illustrating wetland plants and animals

Arbor Lake Park Habitat Restoration
2001 Stewards: Linda Wallace, Roberta Roberts
Contact: Deb Snyder, King County Parks Resource Coordinator
Location: Unincorporated King County just north of Burien

Arbor Lake Park is in an area in King County that is environmentally degraded and economically disadvantaged. In 2000, King County installed a native habitat restoration planting of trees and associated understory species along one side of the lake. The project increases habitat value for wildlife and native plants and increases the cover of shrubs and trees along the shore of the lake. The native plant stewards monitor and maintain the site with weeding, watering and mulching as needed and may plant additional native plants if needed. Community members are supportive of this project and help with watching the site and protecting it from vandalism.

Bellevue Botanical Garden Forest Enhancement
2000 Steward: Nancy Daar
Contact: Tom Kuykendall, Bellevue Botanical Garden Manager
Project Location: North Bellevue

The native plant steward assists with selecting and installing native understory plants in the forested natural areas of the Botanical Garden. The steward also educates docents about forest understory plants that are being planted along the native plant loop through the forested section of the park.

Bellevue Botanical Garden Native Plant Education
2000 Steward: Nancy Daar
Contact: Tom Kuykendall, Bellevue Botanical Garden Manager
Project Location: North Bellevue

The native plant steward assists with the educational programs focusing on native trees and understory plants at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. This includes developing a self-guided tour guide for the native plant loop through the forested part of the park as well as the drought-tolerant garden, teaching the docents about native plants and organizing the children's programming and tours. The steward will also help with the native plant revegetation and enhancement projects being carried out in the forested natural areas of the Botanical Garden. Education on native plants at this popular Botanical Garden is an effective way of reaching gardeners with the messages about using native plants for water conservation and reduced use of fertilizers and chemicals. The goal is to teach the public about the benefits of using native plants in a place that shows the beauty and potential of native plant gardening. This project builds on the work of a native plant steward from a previous year.

Bilingual Orientation Center Restoration Project
2000 Steward and Contact: Belinda Chin
Project Location: Fauntleroy Park, southwest Seattle and also parks in southeast Seattle

The native plant steward worked with recent immigrant and refugee students of the Bilingual Orientation Center to teach them about the characteristics of a healthy urban forest and to install native trees and understory plants in urban parks in southwest and southeast Seattle. Tree species planted include big leaf maple, red cedar and western hemlock. Understory plants include sword fern, Oregon grape, salmonberry and snowberry. The students salvaged the plant materials from a site in south Seattle and then cared for them at their school before transplanting them to the parks. Additional trees were obtained from MidSound Fisheries Enhancement Group and planted as well. Students were taught about tree planting, about the importance of urban trees, about native and non-native trees and about maintaining young trees in parks by weeding and mulching.

Bradner Gardens Park Native Forest Habitat
2000 Steward: Ken Kailing
Contact: Joyce Moty, Project Lead
Project Location: Rainier Valley/North Beacon Hill

The native plant steward maintains and enhances the forest/wildlife habitat section of Bradner Park, which is a high intensity use facility in the Rainier Valley/North Beacon Hill section of southeast Seattle. The King Conservation District and members of the community installed the trees and understory plants in 1999 but were unable to maintain the site. Native plant steward activities include organizing work parties for maintenance and new plantings as needed, creating educational signage and exhibits, involving and educating residents and school children of the neighboring communities and developing the site as a resource for community education about creating native forest habitat in an urban setting.

Camp Long Teaching Herbarium
2001 Steward and Contact: Linda Marsh
Project Location: Camp Long, Delridge area of West Seattle

The steward will train volunteers how to collect and display plants to make a herbarium of the flora of Camp Long. In addition, the steward will help display the herbarium for access by the public. The herbarium will include native as well as non-native species and will be used to train vegetation management volunteers. The steward, a naturalist at Camp Long, will use the herbarium to teach the public about the native forest plants at Camp Long as well as the invasive and ornamental species that are present.

Christianson Pond Restoration
2001 Steward and Contact: Sherene Zolno Project Location: Vashon Island, King County

Christianson Pond is a newly acquired important forest and wetland area on Vashon Island. The project to acquire, survey and restore this predominantly forested area is sponsored by the Vashon-Maury Islands Land Trust. The native plant steward will be helping with baseline surveying of native plants and in preparing the survey report and recommendations.

For more information, call The Washington Native Plant Society at 206-527-3210 (or toll free 888-288-8022).