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Fort Townsend State Park

Fairy Slipper
Fairy Slipper (Calypso bulbosa) photographed by Ann Weinmann.

This project was initiated by the Olympic Peninsula Chapter in conjunction with the Friends of Fort Townsend State Park. The park has the best example of a mature forest of Douglas fir, western redcedar, and western hemlock with an under story of Pacific rhododendron in the entire Puget Sound region. Because of this the park was given the designation of "Natural Forest Area" by the Washington State Natural Heritage program in cooperation with State Parks which affords it special protection. Notable are the diversity of parasitic plants and the abundance of Calypso orchids in an old growth forest setting. We have prepared a brochure which features the plants of the Natural Forest and also prepare a "Plant of the Month" poster which is displayed at 7 trailheads in the Park. Preparation of the brochure was supported by a grant from the state office of WNPS and also received support from the Friends of Fort Townsend State Park, and Washington State Parks. For additional information about the work of our Chapter in the park contact Ann Weinmann at