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WNPS Fellows Policy

To become a WNPS Fellow is the highest honor given to a member by our Society. This title is given to those who have made outstanding contributions to the understanding and/or preservation of Washington's flora or to the success of WNPS. Fellows receive a framed certificate of recognition, lifetime membership in the WNPS, and lifetime waiver of registration fees for annual study weekends. The member is formally recognized by the state president of WNPS at an annual study weekend.


The WNPS Fellow is the highest honor given by the Society. This title will only be given on an infrequent basis. Once every 5 years, the WNPS Board of Directors will evaluate nominations for potential Fellows. From these nominations, the Board may select one or more members to honor. The number who will be honored is at the discretion of the WNPS Fellows Committee with approval of the WNPS Board of Directors. If none of the nominations fit the criteria established below, there may be no fellows recognized during that period. Conversely, the Board may face a difficult decision process since many members may meet the criteria and some sort of impromptu ranking process will have to be established to limit the number of recipients.


In the summer Douglasia of the year 2000, and every 5 years thereafter, a call for nominations will be published. Criteria for recognition will be explained in that issue. Nominations will be submitted to the WNPS Fellows Committee and must describe why the nominee meets the specified criteria. The WNPS Fellows Committee may also consider individuals previously nominated. During the spring board meeting of the following year, the Board of Directors will review the recommendations of the WNPS Fellows Committee and decide whether or not to select a member. If a nominee is selected, he or she will be formally recognized at the Study Weekend of that year.


To be selected as a WNPS Fellow a person must be a current or past member of the Washington Native Plant Society and will be honored for one or some combination of the following:

  • Through the actions of this member, a significant and lasting change in the organization has been realized.
  • An extraordinary contribution of volunteer time dedicated to WNPS.
  • An outstanding act or driving force in terms of conservation, education, research or advocacy of Washington's native flora.
  • Longevity of contribution at state or chapter level.

Examples which might be overlooked but fitting under these criteria would be an individual who substantially increased the visibility of WNPS as an organization, or who contributed significantly to the building or maintenance of WNPS's infrastructure, or someone who has exhibited their passion for native plants, and in so doing has served as a mentor within the Society to others.

Approved by the Executive Board: October 11, 1997

Revised and revisions adopted by Executive Board: March 5, 2005.

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Updated: March 5, 2015
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