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Oregon Sunshine


Oregon Sunshine (Eriophyllum lanatum) photographed by Fred Weinmann. Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

WNPS policies, presented here, have been adopted by the WNPS Board of Directors and serve as management guidelines for the organization. They have been developed through the years and serve to provide continuity and consistency in selected organizational operations and decisions.

WNPS Administrative Overhead Policy
WNPS requires administrative overhead costs be covered either within the grant budget or from other sources.  Updated, October 2017

WNPS Capital Purchases and Capitalization Threshold Policy
This policy applies to any qualifying tangible property purchased by WNPS and its chapters. 

WNPS Grants to External Entities
This policy applies to Chapter Grants to others.  

Collection and Sale of Native Plants Policy
Understand the collection procedures to protect native plants and their communities in the wild while permitting ethical procurement for conservation and research.

Conflict of Interest Policy
Public confidence is important to the Washington Native Plant Society and as a non-profit organization WNPS has taken the steps to be mindful of potential conflicts of interest and to put in place a process for disclosure and consideration.

Conservation and Endorsement Activities Policy
Learn how WNPS supports varying efforts to conserve our native flora.

Document Retention Policy
This policy provides guidelines for the retention of financial and administrative documents by the Washington Native Plant Society.

Endowment Policy
Created in 2001, the WNPS Endowment Fund provides a sustainable funding source for education, research, and conservation grants and projects.

Financial Management Policy
Created in 2016, the Financial Management Policy provides an over arching policy of Financial Management guidelines, with the Internal Controls Procedures (prior Internal Control Policy) serving as a set of operational procedures under this policy. This policy and additional procedures outline the duties of the Treasurer, Administrator, and Bookkeeper to ensure a proper accounting system of checks and balances to maintain the integrity of WNPS financial accounts.

Gift Acceptance Policy   The purpose of this policy is to provide Washington Native Plant Society (WNPS) members and interested public information on the terms and conditions under which WNPS will accept any contribution, gift or grant.

Grazing of Domestic Livestock on Public Lands Policy
The primary purpose of this policy is to protect native plant species and their ecosystems by supporting appropriate grazing management practices on appropriate sites.

Guidelines for Chapter Deactivation Policy
Circumstances for chapter deactivation and process guidelines are described.

Native Plant Stewardship Program Policy
Provides policy direction and guidance to the Native Plant Stewardship through adoption and implementation of "Defining WNPS Stewardship: A Washington Native Plant Society White Paper."

Operating Reserve Policy

This policy deļ¬nes and sets goals for the WNPS Operating Reserve, describes authorization for use of the Reserve, and outlines requirements for reporting and monitoring.

Private Inurements Policy

This policy strives to ensure that WNPS is fulfilling its responsibilities to manage the organization's resources responsibly and in accordance with its mission and that the organizations resources are not used in a manner which would provide private benefit.

Review of Public Statements on Behalf of the Washington Native Plant Society Policy

The purpose of establishing a policy on the review of statements made on behalf of the Washington Native Plant Society is to facilitate public expression and awareness of the Society’s objectives and policies regarding relevant environmental and conservation issues consistent with our mission.

WNPS Fellows Policy
To become a WNPS Fellow is the highest honor given by our Society.  This policy outlines the process and criteria for this honor.

WNPS State and Chapter Fundraising Policy    The purpose of this policy is to clarify the terms under which fundraising appeals may be made by the state and chapters when making direct donor solicitations to Washington Native Plant Society members and supporters.

Whistleblower Policy and Procedures

Provides a process to enable individuals to report violations and maintain confidentiality.




Updated: October 20, 2017
Copyright 2000-2018 Washington Native Plant Society. All rights reserved.

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