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In February 2016, the WNPS Board of Directors meet at a special session to discuss the current needs of the Society.  A SWOT Analysis was completed with a lens on the current status of the society.  After review of this Analysis and discussion, it was decided by the Board that the highest need was to increase the Communications of the Society, to reach chapters, and the public.  A Communication Strategy Adhoc Committee was created. 

In working with the Editorial Committee, it was decided to reach out to the community of members with a survey regarding Communications and how members access WNPS information.  View those results HERE

In 1997, the WNPS Board of Directors completed an updated strategic plan to guide the Society for the five years to follow. These Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Factors Critical for Success declarations restated founding principles to meet contemporary conditions and goals.

Our Vision

The Washington Native Plant Society is a 501-c3 non-profit volunteer organization that provides botanical expertise and opportunities for all to share in the enjoyment of Washington's native flora. The Society serves as an effective and respected participant in the research about and conservation of Washington's native plants and ecosystems.

Our Mission

The mission of the Washington Native Plant Society is to promote the appreciation and conservation of Washington's native plants and their habitats through study, education and advocacy.

Our Core Values

Credibility: We value scientific accuracy and organizational responsibility.

Cooperation: We achieve our goals through cooperation among members and through working with other individuals, organizations, institutions, and agencies.

Education: We endeavor to increase our knowledge of native plants and to share what we know with fellow members and the public.

Egalitarianism: We welcome the participation of anyone with an interest in native plants regardless of his or her experience or expertise.

Enjoyment: We take pleasure in studying, observing, and growing native plants and sharing the company of our fellow members.

Stewardship: We share a conviction in the inherent value of native plants and habitats and commit ourselves to promoting their preservation and welfare.

Factors Critical for the Success of WNPS

Board Development: WNPS maintains a competent Board of Directors by actively seeking and recruiting members with diverse occupational expertise, cultural, and/or geographic backgrounds. The knowledge and commitment of the Directors are enhanced through regular training and mentoring.

Fund Raising and Financial Security: WNPS is a dynamic yet sustainable organization that maintains a balanced budget and seeks funding opportunities to promote the mission of WNPS and to enhance programs which will benefit Washington's flora.

People to do the Work: WNPS is people and ability rich. We strive to utilize the strength of our members as volunteers and encourage active participation. The significant volunteer contribution of our dedicated members is recognized and appreciated.

Policy and Advocacy: WNPS develops the necessary framework of an effective organization by documenting and communicating policies and procedures. Uniformity and consistency enhance the credibility and effectiveness of our advocacy.

Strengthen State/Chapter Dynamic: WNPS recognizes the importance of chapter vitality and strives to ensure adequate support for chapter activities and administrative operations. Cooperation between chapters and with the state Board of Directors builds an effective voice for Washington's native plants and habitats.

Strategic Plans

2003 - 2010 In the fall of 2002, the Board of Directors invited member comments and assigned Directors specific tasks to create the next five-year strategic plan. Discussion of the rough drafts began at the April 2003 State Board meeting. For the first time, WNPS has identified three priorities to focus on over the next five years. Please take a few moments to review the critical factors facing Garry Oak and Shrub-Steppe ecosystems and the devastating impacts of Invasive Species throughout all habitats.

Strategic Plan 2003-2010

See 1976 WNPS Objectives to review original WNPS objectives as stated by the charter steering committee.



Updated: February 22, 2017
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