Botanize Bigger!

With your help, the Washington Native Plant Society will reach its fundraising goal for today’s GiveBIG event!  We are tantalizingly close to reaching our $10,000 goal.  You have until midnight tonight, May 10, 2017, to help put us over the top.  Log in now and make your gift.

Big or small, all gifts during GiveBIG bring strength to WNPS.

cluster of white flowers of mock orange

Lewis’s mock orange (Philadelphus lewisii)
Photo by Jim Ellinboe

GiveBIG, hosted by the Seattle Foundation, is an opportunity to show your support for Washington’s native flora.

Help the Washington Native Plant Society do its important work:

  • Conservation and advocacy, by being a “voice for native plants.”
  • Research, including plant surveys, graduate research, and other scientific inquiries.
  • Education and outreach, including 189 field trips and 79 programs about native plants last year alone, along with specialist classes in topics like grasses, aquatic plants, ferns, and mosses.
  • The Study Weekend and Botany Washington—renowned annual experiences.
  • WNPS Grants that provide seed money for conservation, education and research projects by students, other nonprofits, and collaborative efforts.
  • Native Plant Appreciation Week, inspiring people with diverse activities and events.

The Washington Native Plant Society helps protect and monitor the vitality of the state’s native plant ecosystems.

Botanize bigger and GiveBIG.