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Advocacy - Reports, Statements, Letters and Distribution

Reports and Letters

Take a moment to review some of the conservation issues the Washington Native Plant Society has been working on and comments it has prepared.

Conservation Distribution Map
WNPS advocates across the state on issues related to native plants and their habitats.  The Conservation Distribution Map shows the locations of documented, state-based and site-based WNPS conservation activities.  The map, initially created by Mu-Ning Wang, while a doctoral candidate at the University of Washington, is a dynamic project maintained by WNPS volunteers.

Conservation Distribution Map Link


Letters and Comments - By Year


WNPS Comment - Palouse Prairie - Bald Butte: Proposed Cell Tower

WNPS Comment ONP Mountain Goat Management

WNPS Comment Hanford National Monument Review - Department of Interior

WNPS Co-Convener of Icicle Creek Conservation Workgroup
Water Resources Management Strategy

WNPS - SS Chapter Maytown Prairie

WNPS Letter - BLM Iceberg Point

WNPS Letter Blanchard Mountain


WNPS Comments on Dabob Bay Natural Area and Devil's Lake Natural Resource Conservation Area
         WNPS Information Sheet on Proposed Conservation Area Expansion

WNPS Review Blanchard Forest Strategy Agreement
         Salal Chapter Chair Message

WNPS Noxious Weed and Plant Quarantine - Chapter 16-752 WAC   
         Proposed Rule
         WSDA Quarantine Requests 2015

WNPS Icicle SEPA Scoping Comments - Icicle Creek Water Management Strategy

WNPS Support Land Aquisition Stavis Natural Resource Conservation Area - Kitsap Forest

WNPS Support Mount Si & Middle Fork Snoqualmie NRCAs and Rattlesnake Mtn. Scenic Area (RMSA)


WNPS Rattlesnake Mountain and ALE Access Submittal

WNPS Motion for Amicus Status:  Whidbey Environmental Action Network v. Island County

WNPS Amicus Brief: Whidbey Envioronmental Action Network v. Island County

WNPS Comments Greenspace Supplemental Uses 7/6/15


WNPS Comments DNS 13-082 WDWA Seasonal Road Closure 011214 Final

WNPS ONP Mountain Goat Planning Scoping 091714


FPA 2416040 Issaquah Alps 042513


Seattle DRAFT Native Plant Requirements Comments 061712

Endorsement of Letter to Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Project (YRBWEP) Workgroup opposing NRAs and ORV Use -- March 2012

Independent WNPS Letter Regarding Impact of ORVs and Native Plants to Watershed Land Conservation Subcommittee -- March 2012

Washington Natural Heritage Program -- February 2012

Comments Invasive Plant Management EA_North Cascades -- January 2012


Voluntary Grazing Buy Out_Hon Adam Smith -- December 2011

Endorsement of American Alps Legacy Project -- August 2011

Support Kahlotus Ridgetop as a National Natural Landmark -- March 2011

USFS RNA Recommendation for South Prairie Mt. Adams Ranger District -- January 2011


WNPS Comments USFWS Scoping_WDFW HCP and Incidental Take Final -- October 2010

Comments_Maytown Sand and Gravel_Special Use Permit Amendment_September 2010

Recreation Use at Coyote Wall Burdoin Mountain and Catherine Creek -- July 2010

WNPS Comments BLM Resource Management Plan -- July 2010

Mt Adams_Cattle Allotment Final_May 26 2010

Governor Gregoire's Response -- February 2010

Letter to Governor_Natural Heritage Program_January 19 2010_Final


Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Fort Lewis Army Growth and Force Structure Realignment, Fort Lewis and Yakima Training Center October 2009 (PDF)

WNPS Joins Appeal to the Regional ForesterJune 2009 (PDF)

WNPS Letter Regarding Catherine Creek Record of Decision May 2009 (PDF)

Support for Washingtons Natural Heritage Program_Peter Goldmark_March 2009 (PDF)

HB2134 Local Government Hearing_Heritage Plant Protection March 2009 (PDF)

FINAL WNPS Comments_DEIS for Livestock Grazing_Whiskey Dick and Quilomene Wildlife Areas_February 2009 (PDF)


Letter to WDFW regarding staff replacements — November 2008 (PDF)

Perry Creek Resource Natural Area_November 2008 (PDF)

Perry Creek RNA USFS Response 1208 (PDF)

Mid-Columbia Shrubsteppe Phase 2, Support for Acquisition by WDFW — August 2008 (PDF)

Support for Wanapum Natural Area Preserve — August 2008 (PDF)

Comments- EIS for Whiskey Dick-Quilomene Final — July 2008 (PDF)

Livestock Grazing Effects on Native Grassland — prepared by Mike Marsh — 073108 (PDF)

Elk Response to Livestock Grazing (PDF)

Letter to DOE regarding Proposed Study for a Rock Lake Dam — June 2008 (PDF)

DOE Response Rock Lake Dam Study — July 2008 (PDF)

Comments Skiyou Island Vegetation Control Project_USFS — May 2008 (PDF)

WNPS Endorses Letter to Cantwell regarding Ballast Water Treatment for Invasive Species — May 2008 (PDF)

Letter to WSDOT regarding native plant propagules — March 2008 (PDF)

Letter to DNR Commissioner Sutherland regarding WNPS and DNR — February 2008 (PDF)

Letter of Support_SB 6469_Evergreen Cities Bill — January 2008 (PDF)

DNR Request Legislation Support of Funding_Evergreen Cities — January 2008 (PDF)


Letter to Jeff Koenings_Director_WDFW_July 2007 (PDF)

Protect Patos Island from further Development Letter to BLM — May 2007 (PDF)

Letter regarding Ice Cave Grazing Allotment— March 2007 (PDF)


Support Lacamas Creek Natural Area Preserve Designation — December 2006 (PDF)

Support for Acquisition of Additional Lands for Sinlahekin Wildlife Area — July 2006 (PDF)

Support for Natural Area Preserve Acquisition — June 2006 (PDF)


Support for Hamma Hamma Balds Natural Area Preserve — May 1, 2005 (PDF)

Wildhorse Wind Project — January 5, 2005 (PDF)


Comments on Roadless Areas — November 10, 2004 (PDF)

Support Adding Butterfly Bush to State's Noxious Weed List — November 9, 2004 (PDF)

Comments on Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Invasive Plants — October 13, 2004 (PDF)

Wildhorse Wind Project — September 9, 2004 (PDF)

Comments on State Parks' Natural Resource Policy — August 10, 2004 (PDF)

Support Conservation Easement Acquistion on Lummi Island — August 6, 2004 (PDF)

Letter in support of the acquisition of the lands described by Natural Areas Program Manager, Curt Pavlova — June 14, 2004 (PDF)

Support of Sauk Mountain Land Acquisition — March 29, 2004 (PDF)

Dosewallips Road Wash Out — Letter to Olympic National Forest — January 22, 2004 (PDF)


Comments regarding the Draft Environmental Impact Statement on Alternatives for Sustainable Forest Management of State Trust Lands In Western Washington — December 19, 2003 (PDF)

Comments FEIS Cross Base Highway — November, 2003 (PDF)


Conservation Reports

2008 Conservation Highlights_Douglasia Fall 2008

Winter 2005 Conservation Report (PDF)

Fall 2004 Conservation Report (PDF)

Summer 2004 Conservation Report (PDF)

Spring 2004 Conservation Report (PDF)

Winter 2004 Conservation Report (PDF)

Fall 2003 Conservation Report (PDF)

Shrub-Steppe Reports

Summary of Arid Lands Initiative progress_Report for WNPS State Board_Spring 2010

Shrub-Steppe Working Group (PDF)

Shrub-Steppe Symposium Part I — March 2004 (PDF)

Shrub-Steppe Symposium Part II — March 2004 (PDF)



Updated: November 17, 2017
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