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to the Central Puget Sound Chapter (CPS) of the Washington Native Plant Society! 
We serve King County and the southern half of Snohomish County, encompassing native forests, alpine areas, wetlands, coastal areas, streams and a booming population.  For numerous ways to discover and protect native plants and their habitats close to home, see below.
Whether your interest is in learning all you can about native plants and botany, taking care of native plant habitats at home and beyond, or meeting others who are equally passionate about native plants, the CPS chapter has many ways for you to meet your goals.  Please explore our website, and do not hesitate to contact any of our board members if you would like to jump in or have questions.


Spring Native Plant Sale and Environmental Fair--
Make Your Yard Habitat-Friendly with Native Plants

Date: Saturday, April 28, 2018
Time: 10am - 4pm
Place: Mercerdale Park, 77th Ave. and 32nd St., Mercer Island, WA   98040

It’s the perfect time of year to add to your native garden, with plants that will invite birds, butterflies and bees to your home environment.

You'll find the largest local selection of beautiful native trees, shrubs, perennials, and ground covers for sale all in one place. These plants, brought together for this one day from regional nurseries and our own nursery's propagation efforts, are ideal for Western Washington gardens and vitally important for our birds and pollinators. Choose as many plants as you like – our little red wagons will help you transport them to your car.

Native plant experts will dispense gardening advice and answer your questions about native plants. 

And be sure to visit the Environmental Fair! Participants this year:

  • Concerned Citizens for Mercer Island Parks
  • Eastside Audubon Society
  • Flora and Fauna Books
  • King County Noxious Weed Control Program
  • Garden Hotline (for Seattle Tilth)
  • Rent Mason Bees
  • Bats Northwest
  • Seattle Audubon Society
  • Washington Trails Association Bird Houses

There is plenty of free parking and Mercerdale Park has open picnic areas and a children’s play area. Click here for a map. 

Proceeds from this event benefit WNPS-CPS and its education programs. For more information, please contact Yen Flanagin at yen.flanagin@yahoo.comor the Washington Native Plant Society at 206-527-321 or visit our website at


Spring 2018 Native Plant Sale List Downloadable PDF
Spring 2018 Native Plant Sale List Sortable Excel File


Field Trip:
“Savannah Plants’ Bloom Time and Their Butterfly Partners’ Flight Time”
Oak Patch Natural Area Preserve
Date: Saturday, April 21
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm from Seattle, 10:30am – 3:30pm on site
Trip Leader: Stewart Wechsler 

 With some of WesternWashington’s driest growing conditions and at the edge of a lake, Oak Patch Lake’s natural area preserve has some of western Washington’s rarest plants and some of the best butterfly habitat in this bioregion. While Cascades butterflies’ preference for sun often confines them to sunlit openings and edges of our forests, the glacial outwash Oregon white oak (Quercus garryana) savannah has both sunnier habitat and a diversity of the “host plants” on which butterflies lay their eggs. Oak Patch Lake is also home to other species that have become locally rare, such as the western toad (Anaxyrus boreas a.k.a. Bufo boreas), as well as the savannah’s striking wildflowers.

WNPS plant identification workshop leader Stewart Wechsler started his plant studies by studying the plants on which butterflies rely. He has also studied the full range of plants, animals and fungi, and will share his knowledge about the inter-relationships between plants and the rest of the community of organisims.

Trail description: Flat. Please note there is no water and no bathroom facilities. What to bring: Water, hand lens and binoculars Contact info and directions : Rio Montana, riodelmontana@yahoo.com 206-430-5562 Trip limit: 12




The Tanoak Tree; an Environmental History of a 
Pacific Coast Hardwood
Thursday, May 3
Mountaineers Program Center
7:00 pm

Frederica Bowcutt

The tanoak, Notholithocarpus densiflorus, is a Pacific Coast hardwood native to California and southwest Oregon.  It is a tree with a complex environmental history, attracting radically different perceptions -- from treasured food plant of indigenous peoples to cash crop to trash tree. Having studied the patterns of tanoak use and threats for nearly twenty years, botanist, Frederica Bowcutt, uncovers the tangled history of cultural, sociopolitical, and economic factors affecting the tree's fate and discusses hopeful changes; including reintroduction of low-intensity burning to reduce conifer competition for tanoaks, emerging disease resistance in some trees, and new partnerships among tanoak defenders, including botanists, foresters, Native Americans, and plant pathologists.

Frederica Bowcutt has been teaching botany at The Evergreen State College since 1996. She specializes in floristics, field plant ecology, and plant-centric environmental history.  Dr. Bowcutt earned her bachelor of science at the University of California, Berkeley, and her master degree at U.C. Davis, both degrees in botany.  She continued at U.C. Davis to earn her Ph.D. in ecology.  Between her masters and Ph.D., she worked for five years as an ecologist for California State Parks and Recreation.  Her work has been published in a variety of journals.  She recently co-edited a second book, Vascular Plants of the South Sound Prairies.
Program produced by Sharon Baker and Shelley Evans

Plant identification workshop begins at 6:00.

Refreshments, Public Invited, Admission is free.

Birds in our Midst: Creating Gardens Filled with Life
Tuesday, June 12
Bellevue Botanical Garden
7:00 pm
Julie O'Donald

Backyard Wildlife Habitat Steward and Master Gardener, Julie O'Donald will give an overview of the elements that create beautiful gardens for birds and people. Best native plants for birds and design features that create habitat will be emphasized. Photos of birds with their food plants will show how to bring nature home to any size property. Julie's personal certified wildlife habitat contains over 200 species of native plants and attracts birds, butterflies, pollinators and beneficial insects.

Active in educational community outreach, Julie volunteers for the Washington Native Plant Society, the Washington Butterfly Association, Kruckeberg Botanic Garden and the National Wildlife Federation as the team leader for the Brier Wildlife Habitat Project. Julie's garden has been featured in Pacific Horticulture, Bird Watching Magazine, The Butterfly Gardener and Sunset publications. 

Program produced by Cheryl Wagner

Refreshments, Public Invited, Admission is Free.
Donations appreciated!

Native Plant Press


"Native Plant Press" April 2018 (Print version)

"Native Plant Press" April 2018 (Mobile version)


  See all upcoming programs and complete information on our new program page.

  Central Puget Sound Chapter ~ Calendar of Events

     April 2018
            Daniel Matthews: "Natural History and Nature's Future" (Mountaineers  Program Center)
            10 John Bakker: "Prairies of Western Washington" (Bellevue Botanical Garden)
            21 Field Trip: "Savannah Plants Bloom Time and Their Butterfly Partners' Flight Time
      May 2018
             3 Frederica Bowcutt: "The Tanoak Tree" (Mountaineers Program Center)


 Seeking Native Plants -What to do with your surplus native flora?  Donate of Course!


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