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Central Puget Sound Chapter: Stewardship Grants

   Chapter Information         

The Central Puget Sound Chapter has awarded Stewardship Grants since 2003 to help support projects that restore, protect, or maintain native plants and native plant habitats and educate the public about native plants. The grants are intended to contribute to local or regional communities' understanding and appreciation of the importance of sustaining native plants and their habitats.

Examples of successful stewardship grants include public habitat restoration, native plant educational gardens in schools, public native plant demonstration gardens, and research (see stewardship grant projects for more details). While the stewardship grants fund a broad array of Chapter interests, it also should be noted that at the state level WNPS offers additional grants to support conservation, education and research. Grant program announcements for each grant category are available on the WNPS home page www.wnps.org under "Activities" check Conservation, Education and Research headings in the left panel. Also check "What's New" for open season application dates for all grants.

Stewardship grant applications are due April 15th each year, and the Chapter announces the awards by June 1. In order to fund several worthy projects every year, proposals must not request more than $500.

Any current Central Puget Sound Chapter member may submit a grant request. Proposals will be evaluated based on:

  • appropriateness of the proposal to WNPS and Chapter goals;
  • the likelihood that the proposed project will be successful;
  • the resources and experience of the applicant;
  • significance of the project benefits;
  • accessibility of the proposed project to the public;
  • how the project engages community involvement or education; and
  • completeness of the application.

For funded projects, one half of the grant amount may be paid upon award of the grant, and one half will be paid when the project is completed and a final report and project receipts are submitted. The final report should be about 500 words in length and, if possible, include digital photo(s) suitable for publication in the Central Puget Sound Chapter newsletter.

In preparing your grant application, please limit the narrative portion to 3 single spaced pages, using size 10 or 11 font. Please prepare your application by identifying each of the numbered headings below and providing the required information for each heading.

Applications should include the following (heading only):

  • Title: Please select a brief title that can be used to share information about your project and date of the application.
  • Contact Information: Include applicant name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.
  • Narrative: The proposal narrative must include: a brief description of the project, proposed methods or activities, projected outcomes, and an explanation of how the project furthers the goals of WNPS.
  • Timeline: Describe when activities funded by the grant will occur, including a timeline for the project. The project must be completed within one year of receiving the award.
  • Budget: Include an itemized budget (as specific as possible). Please note that funding requested to purchase seeds, bulbs or plants should be limited to native plant species that are indigenous to the State of Washington and should be purchased from local growers and be of local genetic stock. Cultivars are not considered to be native plants. Proposed plant lists should include: species, size, quantity and estimated cost.
  • Grant Acknowledgement: Describe how the WNPS grant support will be acknowledged in project products and services.
  • Letter of Support: Include at least one letter of recommendation for the proposed project from a supporting organization, agency or individual.

Please direct any questions to Cindy Spurgeon. Submit one electronic copy of your proposal, or if by mail, send two paper copies to:

Cindy Spurgeon, Stewardship Grants Chair

(206)632-6342; email:  spurgeoncindy48@gmail.com

WNPS Central Puget Sound Chapter
6310 NE 74th Street, Ste. 215 E
Seattle, WA 98115


Updated: July 2, 2016
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