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Starflower Habitat Education Activities and Resources

False Hellebore (Veratrum viride) photographed by James Ellingboe.

False Hellebore (Veratrum viride) photographed by James Ellingboe. Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

Photograph of Trientallis latifolia, Starflower

Educating Washington citizens about native plant habitats is important to WNPS. The materials that follow include hands-on activities for teachers and students, native plant identification cards useful for all, weed identification cards especially handy for individuals engaged in restoring habitat, and informational posters to alert others to the joys of native plants, as well as a helpful guide for those interested in establishing a native plant garden.

All the materials listed were developed by the Starflower Foundation whose mission was to assist with the creation, rehabilitation and stewardship of Pacific Northwest native plant communities.

Quick & Easy Habitat Education Activities

Science-based activities focus on our Pacific Northwest native ecosystems, stress hands-on learning, and accommodate many different learning styles.
Learn more about Quick and Easy Activities (PDF)
First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade

Middle School

A model integrated native plant habitat garden restoration and education project engages students in and out of the classroom.
Learn more about Middle School activities (PDF)
Native Habitat Garden Restoration
Habitat Restoration Education Activities
See an Assessment of Middle School and Elementary Activities (PDF)

Native Plant Garden Manual

A how-to-do workbook for schools helps you create a thriving native plant garden.
See the Habitat Garden Manual (PDF)
Download the Habitat Garden Manual (76 MB)

Native Plant ID Cards

111 cards provide a quick reference for novice botanists. Each features helpful images and text designed to assist with long-term stewardship of native plant landscapes.
Learn more about Native Plants ID Cards (PDF)
Search for a Native Plant ID Card by common name.
Search for a Native Plant ID Card by scientific name.

Weed ID Cards

51 cards assist in identifying plants to be removed during weeding management stewardship activities on native plant habitat restoration sites, especially in the Seattle urban area.
Learn more about Weed ID Cards (PDF)
Search for a Weed ID Card by common name.
Search for a Weed ID Card by scientific name.

Native Plant of the Month Posters

53 posters serve as a handy tool to engage neighbors and visitors in on-going native plant restoration projects.
Learn more about Native Plant of the Month Posters (PDF)
View Posters for
All Seasons

In Memory of Ann Lennartz

starflower Founded in 1996 by Ann Lennartz, Starflower Foundation assisted with the creation, rehabilitation, and stewardship of Pacific Northwest native plant communities in Seattle, Washington, by supporting citizen-driven restoration and education projects. Having met the founder’s expectations, Starflower Foundation ceased operations in December 2007.

Resources developed by Starflower Foundation include an array of educational materials, project case studies, and an image herbarium. All contain Western Washington native plant information and images for use in education, restoration and landscaping projects. As mutually agreed upon with Starflower Foundation, Washington Native Plant Society has made Starflower's learning and education materials available on our website.

Updated: March 8, 2015
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