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Native Herbs (M-O)

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Maianthemum dilatatum
False Lily-of-the-Valley
Quickly spreading ground cover with attractive glossy green leaves.
Height: Up to 12 inches (30 cm) tall.
Large heart-shaped leaves 5-10 cm long with a pointed tip and smooth margins. Leaf surfaces are glossy green. Leaves deciduous.
Maianthemum racemosum
False Solomon's Seal
Leaves deciduous.
Maianthemum stellatum
Starflowered False Solomon's Seal
Leaves deciduous.
Mentha arvensis
Field Mint
A wild mint with small groups of light purple flowers in the leaf axils.
Leaves deciduous.
Menyanthes trifoliata
White, curly-haired flowers and large trifoliate leaves decorate this patch-forming plant found in shallow water.
Leaves deciduous.
Mimulus guttatus
Yellow Monkey-flower
Large yellow tubular flowers top this deciduous-leaved wetland perennial.
Leaves deciduous.
Mimulus lewisii
Pink Monkey-flower
A clump forming perennial with large pinkish-red flowers.
Leaves deciduous.
Nuphar luteum ssp. polysepalum
Yellow Pond-Lily
An aquatic water lily with large, round, floating leaves and fleshy, yellow flowers held at the water surface.
Leaves deciduous.
Oenanthe sarmentosa
Pacific Water Parsley
Semi-aquatic, often reclining or scrambling herb, with stem tips ascending or curled and small flat-topped clusters of white flowers.
Height: Up to 40 inches (1 meter).
Celery-like odor and shape; 2-3 times coarsely pinnately divided, oblong to egg-shaped in outline; leaflets toothed and cleft with primary veins directed to teeth tips; size: leaflets 1-6 cm; color: green. Leaves deciduous.
Olsynium douglasii
Satin Flower, Grass Widow
Showy tufted perennial resembling a miniature iris topped with large pink to purple flowers.
Height: Up to 12 inches (30 cm).
Short bract-like basal leaves and longer stem leaves; shape: long and narrow; size: 15 cm (6 in) long, 3 mm wide; color: blue-green. Leaves deciduous.
Oxalis oregana
Wood Sorrel
A delicate herb with clover-like leaves and white to pink flowers, forming carpets in forested areas.
Leaves deciduous.


The landscaping and restoration information provided on this page is taken from the Starflower Foundation Image Herbarium. All photographs © Starflower Foundation unless otherwise noted.




Updated: May 7, 2017
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