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Native Herbs (S-U)

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Sagittaria latifolia
Wapato, Arrowhead
Tall semi-aquatic perennial of marshes or lake margins, with large arrowhead shaped leaves and small white flowers.
Height: 3 feet (90 cm).
All basal; long angled stalks; submerged leaves are lance shaped or linear; emergent leaves are arrowhead shaped; size: to 25 cm long and 20 cm wide; color: green. Leaves deciduous.
Sedum lanceolatum
Lance-leaved Stonecrop
Leaves deciduous.
Sedum oreganum
Oregon Stonecrop
Leaves deciduous.
Sedum spathulifolium
Broad-leaved Stonecrop
Leaves evergreen.
Sisyrinchium californicum
Golden-eyed Grass
A small iris-like plant with yellow flowers.
Height: 16 inches (40 cm).
Mostly basal, long and narrow; 30 cm long, 5 mm wide; green. Leaves deciduous.
Sisyrinchium idahoense
Blue-eyed Grass
A small clump-forming iris-like plant with small blue flowers.
Height: 28 inches (40 cm).
Mostly basal, long and narrow, to 20 cm long by 2 mm wide; color: dull green. Leaves deciduous.
Sium suave
Leaves deciduous.
Solidago canadensis
Canada Goldenrod
Forms patches from long creeping rhizomes. Stems leafy and hairy near the top, with a dense cluster of small yellow flowers.
Height: Up to 5 feet (1.5 meters).
Lacking basal leaves; stem leaves numerous and crowded, gradually reduced upwards; saw-toothed to entire; hairless to roughly hairy on upper and lower sides; leaves are prominently 3-veined; shape: lance-shaped to linear; color: green. Leaves deciduous.
Stachys cooleyae
Cooley's Hedge Nettle
Perennial from rhizomes.
Height: Up to 5 feet (1.5 meters).
Opposite arrangement; hairy/fuzzy curved bristles on upper and lower surfaces, stalked, coarsely toothed along edges; petioles are 1.5-4.5 cm long; shape: deltoid; size: 4-16 cm long; color: green. Leaves deciduous.
Streptopus amplexifolius
Clasping Twisted Stalk
Perennial herb with a branched zigzagging stem and dangling white flowers.
Height: 3 feet (1 meter).
Alternate; glaucous beneath; inconspicuous irregularly spaced teeth sometimes on margin; leaves clasp stem at base, veins are not obvious; shape: oval to lance-shaped and pointed; size: 5-14 cm long; color: green. Leaves deciduous.
Tellima grandiflora
Leaves deciduous.
Tiarella trifoliata
Herb with erect or ascending stems and spikes of dainty white flowers.
Height: 2 feet (60 cm).
Main leaves basal, long stalked, usually with 3 irregularly lobed and coarsely toothed leaflets, sparsely hairy, stem leaves (1 to few) reduced in size and with shorter stalks; size: 8 cm; color: bright green. Leaves deciduous.
Tolmiea menziesii
Piggy-back Plant
A woodland herb whose leaves give rise to small plantlets.
Leaves deciduous.
Trientalis latifolia
Broad-leaved Starflower
A small delicate herb with a single whorl of leaves topped by several small, pink, star-shaped flowers.
Leaves deciduous.
Trillium ovatum
Western Trillium
Short stout stems topped with a whorl of three leaves and a single large white flower.
Height: 12-18 inches (30-45 cm).
Leaves are in whorls of three at top of stem, leaves are unstalked, spreading horizontally, triangular-oval shape (ovate) with drip-tip feature, 4-20 cm long, green. Leaves deciduous.
Typha latifolia
Broad-leaved Cattail
A tall wetland plant with long, erect sword-like leaves and dense brown flower spikes.
Leaves deciduous.
Urtica dioica
Stinging Nettle
Tall perennial herb with deciduous leaves covered in stinging hairs.
Leaves deciduous.


The landscaping and restoration information provided on this page is taken from the Starflower Foundation Image Herbarium. All photographs © Starflower Foundation unless otherwise noted.




Updated: May 7, 2017
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