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Native Plant Stewards and the Green Seattle Partnership

The WNPS Native Plant Stewardship Program in King County partnered with the Green Seattle Partnership in 2007, 2008 and 2011 to help restore natural areas in selected Seattle Parks. Our Native Plant Stewards completed their rigorous and popular 10-week training program learning about Western Washington native plant communities, native plant identification and habitat restoration. The training emphasized urban forest ecology and environmental restoration practices to prepare Stewards for their volunteer restoration projects. These restoration projects support the Green Seattle Partnership in it's effort to restore 2,500 acres of Seattle's urban forests by 2025.

WNPS Native Plant Forest Stewards put all they learned to work by teaming up to restore selected areas in Seattle Parks. Near the end of the training program, Stewards were divided into project restoration teams. In collaboration with Seattle Parks and Recreation and the Green Seattle Partnership each team was assigned to a project of approximately 1-acre in size within a Seattle Park. Utilizing what they learned through the course of the training program, teams then designed and implemented a restoration plan to restore, maintain and, and monitor their acre of a Seattle Park.

Over the course of the following year, each steward dedicated at least 75 hours toward implementing the team's project plan.

These hours were spent:

  • Designing a plan to remove invasive plant species and to replace them with native plants
  • Creating maintenance and monitoring plans to ensure the project's success
  • Implementing the plans with their teammates and with volunteers as they host work parties with local community members.

Find out more about park projects and the stewardship teams:

2007 Native Plant Stewardship Final Report

2008 Native Plant Stewardship Final Report

2011 Native Plant Stewardship Final Report

This program made possible with support from the Seattle Foundation.

Our partners included:

Updated: March 6, 2015
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