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2008 Native Growth Protection Area Assessments

Native Growth Protection Area Assessment Team 1

Native Growth Protection Area Assessment Team 1: Patty Moriarty, Nancy Moore.

Native Growth Protection Area Assessment Team 2 Native Growth Protection Area Assessment Team 2: Bruce Stayner, Chris Martinez.

Native Plant Steward Project Team

Team 1. Chris Wright, Patty Moriarty, Nancy Moore
Team 2. Chris Martinez, Bruce Stayner

Native Growth Protection Areas (NGPAs) located within the North Creek Watershed are in poor condition, with distressed plant communities and threatened ecological function due to intensive human development and a lack of environmental awareness. These human-induced poor environmental conditions have resulted in a lack of conifer tree cover, poor conifer establishment, low density of native shrubs, and presence of invasive non-native plants, as well illegally dumped materials such as garbage and yard waste.

Assessing 20 NGPAs throughout the watershed will help determine the degree of degradation, using the Snohomish County NGPA assessment tool (each team will assess ten sites). Data collected will establish a baseline of information that the county or future stewards can use to create a plan to improve these protected areas.

The North Creek watershed is a salmon bearing (Chinook, Coho, and Sockeye), watershed. A healthy, properly functioning watershed is critical for their future existence. A variety of NGPAs will be visited, including Chinook-rearing locations along the main stem of North Creek, as well as areas along smaller tributaries and wetlands.

Site Goals

  • Assess existing conditions of selected NGPAs throughout the North Creek Watershed
  • Contact adjacent home owner associations to inform them that stewards will be on the property assessing their NGPAs 
  • Study aerial photographs and watershed scale maps to verify NGPA locations and determine site perimeters 
  • Perform site assessments using County assessment tool and field supplies
  • Take site reference photos
  • Tabulate and score data based upon habitat characteristics and degree of degradation
  • Field test and revise assessment form as needed with County guidance


  • 20 NGPAs visited and reference photos taken
  • 20 assessment forms completed and tabulated
  • Teams met and critiqued assessment form
  • Teams reviewed critique with Snohomish County and began revising  assessment form

Updated: March 5, 2015
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