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Douglasia Facts and History

The International Standard Serial Number for the WNPS Douglasia publication is ISSN 1064-4032.


Douglasia was selected as the name of the WNPS journal in 1977. Suggested by Arthur R. Kruckeberg, a founder and first WNPS president, the quarterly's name was adpoted in honor of Scottish botanist David Douglas (1798-1834) who led early expeditions in the PNW (1825-1827 in Washington and 1830-1832 in Oregon and California, both for the Horticultural Society of London).


The current WNPS logo was restyled by artist Louise Smith of Seattle. Anna Avalon's original design of a Douglas maple tree leaf with a sprig and cone of a Douglas-fir won the logo competition in 1979.

Printing Douglasia presently is printed on acid-free paper using 30% post-consumer waste.


Douglasia has been in continuous production as the quarterly newsletter of the Washington Native Plant Society since 1976. Today the journal is a polished publication with educational briefs about Washington plants and plant communities, news of issues facing preservation of native plant species, book reviews, details of local and regional presentations, conferences and outings. It's come a long way, we think you will agree.

Take a look at the first issue of Douglasia. Summer, 1976

Beginning in 2017, Douglasia has been scheduled for production three times per year.  This production schedule has been approved by the board as a means of reducing the publication costs in the WNPS budget, to allow for the development of a monthly E-news for all WNPS members and subscribers.  The new News will include the WNPS Blog articles and information from the society, including a state wide event calendar, coming in Fall 2017.  Douglasia will continue to provide the society with Journal quality articles and information about Washington's native flora.

Douglasia: Editor's Hall of Fame*

Brian Mulligan (1976—1981) In its first year the Society's newsletter was called simply: Newsletter of the Washington Native Plant Society. In Vol. 1, No. 2, 1976 Brian suggested he would like to adopt Art Kruckeberg's suggestion that the newsletter be named, Douglasia, and so it became. Just to remind you that some things don't change, Brian included a note in the Fall, 1977 issue that stated: "The Editor regrets the late appearance of this issue..."

Dan Guthrie (1981-1982) By the end of the Guthrie era, Douglasia had grown from a five or six page newsletter to a dozen pages or more.

Art Kruckeberg (AKA Doug) (1982—1992) In the fall of 1982 Art announced his role as interim Editor. He not only retained the editor position for 10 years, but the publication became journal like as it expanded to 16-20 pages. Art acknowledged regular assistance from Clay Antieau, Van Bobbit, Lee Ellis, Len Gardner, Cathy Conolly and Sarah Gage. Art's editorship was interrupted by a single issue when John Gamon edited the fall, 1989 issue with the help of Jerry Gorsline. Art's ten year tenure remains the longest of any Douglasia editor and he continues to provide inspiration, ideas and feature articles for publication.

Judy Pottmeyer (1992—1994) Judy was from Richmond, WA. I am not aware of the connection between Judy and Karen Hinman (see below) but there was certainly a seamless transition between the two editors from the same town. Judy and Karen did much to change Douglasia into its present form, essentially a quarterly journal of 24-3 0 pages. During Judy's tenure, Douglasia was issued consistently with a gray cover page.

Karen Hinman (AKA Kren) (1994—1999) Karen's tenure as editor is legendary — consistent high quality and on time for five full years. Karen's interaction with authors (i.e. badgering them to meet deadlines), scrounging for good copy, and authoring articles her self combined with husband Chet's computer skills and layout assistance is arguably the finest five year period of Douglasia's history. Karen's trademark of personally written, hard copy, U.S. Postal Service delivered thank you notes is a treasured and fondly remembered trademark. Her tenure was marked by a rainbow of cover colors.

Richard Robohm (1999—2001) I don't know if each issue of Douglasia was perfect under Richard's rule, but it was as close as it will ever get. Richard did whatever it took to find just the right illustration and just the right quote for each article. His Editor's column was enlightening, well written and entertaining. I always looked forward to opening the cover to see what each issue would bring.

Daniel Jones (2001—2003) Daniel was possibly the hardest working editor we have ever had. His professional layout skills were particularly evident in each issue. Daniel was really just hitting his stride when he left us for Minnesota where his wife accepted a professorship at St. Olaf College.

* Excerpted from yesterday, today and tomorrow by Fred Weinmann which appeared in Douglasia, Fall 2004.

Douglasia 2003 to present:

Over all these years Douglasia's editors volunteered their time, talents and energy to produce this quarterly newsletter for the membership. The WNPS Board of Directors and staff began to recognize that it was really too big a job to expect any one individual to handle the whole production from seeking and editing copy to design layout. And to do it entirely as a volunteer.

In 2003 WNPS decided to hire a managing editor and a layout editor for the continued production of Douglasia. WNPS recognized it did not have sufficient resources to pay the full value of this work, but arranged to pay a quarterly honorarium to both the managing and layout editors for their work.

Karen Gatrell and Barb Rowan (2003—2005) Karen Gatrell served as managing editor working to generate copy, edit, and oversee all aspects of production. Karen was extraordinarily organized and very attentive to detail. As managing editor she coordinated the publication with a truly active Editorial Board, and worked closely with contributing authors, WNPS staff and the journal's layout editor. Barb Rowan, as layout editor established professional rigor in the style and graphics and also introduced the muted green tea cover which remained consistent as the Douglasia cover through 2009 when USPS regulations required us to change to a lighter cover color.

Karen Gatrell and Kim Galimanis (2005—2007) Karen continued her expert work as managing editor and worked positively with the new layout editor, Kim Galimanis. Kim brought her own professional design skills to Douglasia, along with her cheerful personality, can-do spirit, and amazing turn-around time.

Cindy Spurgeon and Kim Galimanis (2008) Cindy Spurgeon followed Karen Gatrell as managing editor and Karen kindly shepherded Cindy through her first issue. Cindy brings not only her editorial skill to the job but her knowledge of native plants, horticulture and the WNPS membership. Kim generously stayed on as layout editor to help Cindy learn the ropes.

Cindy Spurgeon and Sonja Nelson (2008—2011) Sonja joined the Douglasia production team in 2008 and brings with her a wealth of experience in layout and design with over 15 years of work for the Journal of the American Rhododendron Society.

Jeanne Ponzetti and Sonja Nelson (2011-- 2015 Jeanne follows Cindy Spurgeon as managing editor with her work on the winter 2011 issue of Douglasia.  Jeanne is a free lance editor and botanist.  Jeanne completed the University of Washington certificate program in editing, edited and contributed to the title Field Guide of the Rare Plants of Washington  and serves on the editorial board of Northwest Lichenologists.

Mary Johnson and Sonja Nelson (2015-2017)  Mary follows Jeanne Ponzetti as managing editor, starting with her work on the summer 2015 issue of Douglasia. Mary is a longtime technical editor and writer, who also has a passion for native plants and preserving them for future generations. She graduated from the WNPS Native Plant Stewardship Program in 2014.

Kathy Murray, Editorial Board Chair (2006—2016) Kathy Murray chairs the Editorial Board whose members actively contribute to Douglasia. She also works closely with the managing editor, layout editor and the Executive Director on production and review of each issue before print. Kathy brought to Douglasia her considerable experience with publications and has helped to enhance it in many ways. Previous to Douglasia, Kathy worked as a research editor for the Journal of Infections Diseases and as managing editor for the American Journal of Roentgenology.

Joe Arnett, Interim Editorial Chair - Rare Plant Special Issue - WNPS 40th Anniversary, Winter 2016

David Giblin, Phd, Interim Editorial Chair and Technical Advisor (2017-present)

Mary Johnson and Mark Turner (2017 Summer-present)

Celeste Botha, Editorial Board Chair (2017 Fall - present)

Updated: September 8, 2017
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