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Occasional Papers

Spotted Saxifrage

Spotted Saxifrage (Saxifraga bronchialis) photographed by Tim Hagan. Copyright 2005. All rights reserved.

Volume 9, 2009. Lichens of South Lopez Island, San Juan County, Washington State by Fred Rhoades


The Washington Native Plant Society is pleased to announce publication of the ninth in it series of "Occasional Papers". These monographs, published in soft cover book form, are intended to increase appreciation and awareness of the incredible diversity of Washington's flora. More >


Past Volumes

Volume 8, 2006. A Centenary Survey of Plant Life in Washington State: Retracing the 1892 Collecting trips of Louis F. Henderson by Sarah Gage and Sharon Rodman. $10.00

Volume 7, 1999. Douglasia Occasional Papers: Original Papers and Research Notes.   Editor Richy Harrod (8 articles).  $10.00

Volume 6, 1997. Vegetation Studies Funded by the Washington Native Plant Society.  Edited by Ronald J. Taylor and Richy Harrod (22 articles). $10.00

Volume 5, 1994. Plant Life of Washington Territory: Northern Pacific Railroad Survey, Botanical Report 1853-1861 (with map).  Papers by James G. Cooper and Nelsa M. Buckingham.  Edited by Alice R. Anderson. $10.00.

Volume 3, 1988. Plant Life of Washington State: Big Beaver Valley and the Kettle Range (with map)Papers by Ron Vanbianchi and Steven J. Wagstaff; Carol R. Annable and Paul M. Peterson. $10.00

Volume 2, 1986. Plant Life of the North Cascades: Lake Chelan-Sawtooth Ridge, Stehekin Valley, and Glacier Peak. Papers by Ed Alverson and Joe Arnett; Ronald J. Taylor; and Harold St. John and George Douglas.  $10.00

Out of Stock: 

The WNPS office library maintains copies of all Douglasia Occasional Papers for research and review, including two volumes no longer in stock for sales.

Volume 1, 1983.

Steppe by Step:  Understanding Priest Rapids Plants.  Joy D. Mastroguiseppe and Steven J. Gill. 

Volume 4, 1991.

Plant Life of Washington State:  Dungeness Spit, Willapa Hills, and Lower Columbia River.  Two papers by Thomas N. Kaye and Cathy L. Maxwell.

To order available volumes send in this order form with your check.

Updated: March 5, 2015
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