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Examples of WNPS-funded Research and Inventory Projects

Long-term Shrub-Steppe Monitoring Study, by Michael P. Marsh

This project recruited and trained volunteers to monitor long-term vegetation plots in the shrub-steppe in Benton County, including sites on the Hanford ALE Reserve. Funds were expended on field equipment and mileage expenses. The work has been completed and a final report has been submitted. This work is part of a study begun in 1992 that will continue into the future, looking for vegetational changes and the effects of human disturbance on the shrub-steppe community.

Cooperative Inventory of Moss and Lichen Species in the Methow Watershed of the Okanogan National Forest, by J. Dana Visalli

This is funded in cooperation with the US Forest Service and will run for two years. Species of mosses and lichens will be collected, identified, and incorporated into herbaria. In addition, Forest Service personnel will be trained in the identification of these organisms which will allow additional inputs into ecosystem management plans.

Eriogonum and Lesquerella Research Project by Kathy Beck and Florence Caplow, Calypso Consulting

WNPS, in conjunction with the Nature Conservancy, is funding a monitoring study of the two new plant species recently discovered at the Hanford site. This study will set up permanent plots and monitor survival and reproductio of these plants.

Measuring Genetic Diversity in a Rare, Endemic Buttercup, by Linda A Raubeson, Central Washington University

This project will examine genetic diversity in the rare species Ranunculus reconditus. DNA from individual plants will be isolated and compared using a fingerprinting technique. This recently developed approach should help us more accurately understand the genetic diversity present in this species and aid in management decisions.

Underground Analysis of Washington Moonworts (Botrychium), by Cindy Johnson-Groh, Gustavus Adolphus College

The Forest Service is currently tracking 11 rare species of Botrychium in Washington. In conjunction with a taxonomic study funded by the Colville National Forest, WNPS funding will allow Dr. Johnson-Groh to investigate the underground structure and vegetative reproduction in several of these poorly-studied species.

Updated: March 5, 2015
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