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Starflower Restoration Stewardship Guidelines and Reports

Twinberry (Lonicera involucrata) photographed by Michelle Margroff.

Twinberry (Lonicera involucrata) photographed by Michelle Margroff. Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

Additional Information
Photograph of Trientallis latifolia, Starflower

WNPS strongly advocates restoring native plants to sites throughout Washington. Starflower Foundation supported community-initiated efforts to establish thriving Pacific Northwest native plant communities in Seattle in areas where native plants had been largely or entirely displaced. In their projects, Starflower worked under the premise that a site densely vegetated with a high diversity of native plants would be resistant to subsequent invasion by non-native species. To visit these projects, download a map to Starflower-supported restoration sites in Seattle City Parks.

All the materials listed were developed by the Starflower Foundation whose mission was to assist with the creation, rehabilitation and stewardship of Pacific Northwest native plant communities.

Starflower Restoration Stewardship Guidelines

Starflower Foundation, whose mission was to assist with the creation, rehabilitation and stewardship of Pacific Northwest native plant communities, employed a unique and deliberate restoration process in its many restoration projects.
Learn more about the Starflower restoration strategy (PDF)
Learn more about Starflower seed mixes for various habitats (PDF)

Starflower Restoration Project Stewardship Reports

Project Stewardship Reports provide background information and baseline data to inform ongoing stewardship of the project natural areas. Each tells the story of the work undertaken to restore the project area, including community organization, construction, planting and maintenance. In addition, each report presents the findings of a comprehensive plant survey of the project natural areas conducted in 2007. Finally, it presents a vision of how the natural areas can evolve, and identifies stewardship activities aimed at tending to that evolutionary process.

Pritchard Beach Park

Roxhill Park

Greg Davis Park

Colman Park

Genesee Meadow

Madrona Woods Park

Frink Park

Magnuson Park

Seward Park

In Memory of Ann Lennartz

starflower Founded in 1996 by Ann Lennartz, Starflower Foundation assisted with the creation, rehabilitation, and stewardship of Pacific Northwest native plant communities in Seattle, Washington, by supporting citizen-driven restoration and education projects. Having met the founder’s expectations, Starflower Foundation ceased operations in December 2007.

Resources developed by Starflower Foundation include an array of educational materials, project case studies, and an image herbarium. All contain Western Washington native plant information and images for use in education, restoration and landscaping projects. As mutually agreed upon with Starflower Foundation, Washington Native Plant Society has made Starflower's learning and education materials available on our website.



Updated: June 2, 2016
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